Vilnius Multifunctional Complex


Implementation: Tender process
Executor The Administration of Vilnius City Municipality
Partnership form Concession
Transmitted activities
Partner selection form Open Procedure
Private partner
Contract signature date -
Private investment
Project manager


1. Project data

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Previous stadium project
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2. Current situation

  • In 2014 (3rd-4th quarters) market research was carried out resulting in clarification of potential investors;
  • In 2015 (1st quarter) Central Project Management Agency designed the investment project;
  • On June, 2015, Vilnius City Municipality approved the implementation of the project;
  • Central Project Management Agency is currently drafting documents for private partner selection;
  • On 8 July 2015 the first Public Consultation organized by Vilnius City Municipality was held;
  • On 9 December 2015, The Government of the Republic of Lithuania approved the decision that the project will be implemented as the concession;
  • On 3 February 2016, Council of Vilnius City Municipality approved the decision to implement the project as the public-private partnership (concession);
  • On 15 March, 2016 the Department of Physical Education and Sports under the Government of the Republic Of Lithuania and Vilnius City Municipality concluded the commission for organization of concession project and implementation of concession procedures.

3. About the project

Vilnius city municipality and Government of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter – public sector institutions) are planning to implement Multifunctional health, education, culture and business support center complex project in Vilnius.

The project vision has been completely revised in 2013 from national stadium to multifunctional hub in cooperation between the Government of Lithuania and Vilnius city municipality, embracing broad spectrum of public services and creating the conditions for additional private investments. The project is intended:

  • to be integral, beneficial and convenient for the city and community, i. e., included in wider Vilnius city development plan and  contributing to the complex social and economic development targets, promote healthy life, informal education, culture and business development activities – provide multifunctional services
  • to develop rational and efficient infrastructure, addressing the public services shortages and avoid competition with existing objects of similar purpose;
  • to be implemented by public and private partnership, in order to attract other financing sources, seeking to minimize the financial burden for public sector

In 2013 Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania in cooperation with Central Project Management Agency, implementing the decision of Government of the Republic of Lithuania, carried out an institution survey on educational, health, sport, cultural and other needs, which could be fulfilled by the multifunctional complex:

  • which institutions are interested in project outcomes, whether they would take the responsibility for maintenance of new objects, and agree to pay for it;
  • what is the need of interested institutions for infrastructure, regarding activity scope and groups of public services recipients;
  • how services are currently provided, why it would be effective and purposeful to transfer them to the new complex.

After the assessment of all needs and proposals, the concept of multifunctional health, education, culture and business support center complex was approved.

On 26 May 2014 implementing the decree of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania, a task group for project implementation coordination was established. The task group is responsible for coordination of investment project preparation, drafting of private partner selection documents and approving project implementation activities plan. As the biggest part of needs was related to the improvement of public service, provided by Vilnius City Municipality, the Municipality was appointed as the project owner, and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania is project’s partner.

The project is included into the Integrated territorial investment program for the North Vilnius, approved by Vilnius Municipal Council and confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior, which is responsible for Regional development policy, and planning and administering the ESI funds investments for municipal projects, on June 19, 2015.

It is expected that the multifunctional complex will contribute to the sustainable development of the city through establishment of multipurpose infrastructure and provision of wide range services to citizens in the deprived area close to the center and several living districts. The complex will improve the leisure conditions for families, youth and children, diversify the informal education possibilities, promote healthy life and active aging, create the condition for organization of major community cultural and sport events, enhance establishment of new businesses.

4. Public sector institutions are interested in the implementation of the following activities

  1. Territory cleaning  – territory cleaning and preparation for investments, installation of engineering network, adjusting the territory for social and commercial activities;
  2. Pre-school facility – establishment of engineering infrastructure for the functioning of pre-school facility for 300 children (including playgrounds, game arbors, footways, greenery etc.);
  3. Infrastructure for informal education – Establishment of 3 football pitches and 1 athletics pitch, halls for physical activities (3 basketball halls and 1 handball hall), administrative facilities, hostel facilities for 100 person;
  4. Incubator for cultural, creative and sport activities – establishment of facilities for cultural and creative and activities;
  5. Communication and information center – establishment of infrastructure for communication and information center, transferring Šeškinė branch of Vilnius city library;
  6. Lithuanian Sport Museum – establishment of Lithuanian Sport Museum facility transferring it from Kaunas city;
  7. Infrastructure for public cultural and sport events – establishment of infrastructure for major public cultural and sport events organization up to 20 000 spectators places, supporting facilities, ground for public and sport events.


Last updated: 22 07 2019