"Development of a Sports Complex on the Campus of Klaipeda University"

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Implementation: 1. Project preparation
Implementing Authority Klaipeda University
Partnership form Concession
Duration 17 years
Value 13 150 000 Eur. (Private partner income in real value)
Transmitted activities Design, construction, maintenance and commercial activities of Klaipeda University sports infrastructure
Partner selection form Koncesijos konkursas
Private partner
Contract signature date -
Private investment 3 480 460 EUR (including VAT) in real value
Project manager
Area: Culture, sports, leisure facilities

Design, construction, installation and maintenance of a sport arena (about 800 sq. m.), modular additional premises and engineering networks (address H. Manto str. 84, Klaipeda) for the needs of Klaipeda University. The private partner will also be able to design and construct an additional sports infrastructure at its own risk and needs - a football arena and an ice arena where it will be able to carry out commercial activities. The sports infrastructure created at the risk of the private partner (except for the infrastructure for the needs of Klaipeda University) will remain in the ownership of the private partner after the end of the contract.

Current situation:

On 1 July 2021 Central Project Management Agency evaluated socio-economic benefits of the partnership project.

Last updated: 05 07 2021