What is PPP? Lithuanian PPP definition is established in the Law on Investments: “public and private sector partnerships are legally established types of cooperation between the state or municipal authority and a private body that enable the state or municipal authority to transfer its activity to a private body, while a private body invests in this activity and the assets necessary to perform this activity and receives for this a legally established remuneration”.
The reform of the Strategic Planning and Budgeting The Ministry of Finance of Lithuania together with Office of the Government of Lithuania and CPMA are implementing the reform of the Strategic Planning and Budgeting. The purpose of this reform is to develop a more reliable and better-quality system of strategic planning, to strengthen performance budgeting, medium-term expenditure management and program management, with the aim to ensure redistribution and execution of public finances in accordance to the needs for the sustainable socio-economic development of Lithuania and to promote result orientation.


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Vilnius Multifunctional Complex
Executor The Administration of Vilnius City Municipality
Partnership form Concession

In 2014 (3rd-4th quarters) market research was carried out resulting in clarification of potential investors; In 2015 (1st quarter) Central Project Management Agency designed the investment project; On June, 2015, Vilnius City Municipality approved the implementation of the project; Central Project Management Agency is currently drafting documents for private partner selection; On 8 July 2015 the first Public Consultation organized by Vilnius City Municipality was held; On 9 December 2015, The Government of the Republic of Lithuania approved the decision that the project will be implemented as the concession; On 3 February 2016, Council of Vilnius City Municipality approved the decision to implement the project as the public-private partnership (concession). On 15 March, 2016 the Department of Physical Education and Sports under the Government of the Republic Of Lithuania and Vilnius City Municipality concluded the commission for organization of concession project and implementation of concession procedures.