PPP stages and process

About PPP stages and processes

Stages of the PPP projects in Lithuania

There are 3 main stages in the preparation and implementation of a PPP in Lithuania:


Description of the stage


1. PPP project preparation and approval During this stage, the problems and solutions shall be identified, the documents referred to in the legislation and the CPMA methodological documents shall be prepared, and the CPMA's conclusion on the project's socio-economic benefits and the purposiveness of the PPP shall be obtained. The PPP project shall be approved by the government or the municipal council by deciding on the purposiveness of the PPP project. Read more
2. Selection of a private entity

Once the PPP project is approved by the government or the municipal council, the private entity selection documents shall be prepared using the standard documents approved by the CPMA, available here, the CPMA's opinion shall be obtained and the selection shall be published via the CVP IS. This stage shall be completed after the Ministry of Finance has evaluated the final draft PPP contract and published the successful tenderer of the private entity selection procedure.  

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3. Implementation of the PPP contract During this stage, the PPP contract shall be signed, all the conditions for full entry into force of the contract shall be fulfilled, and the implementation of the PPP contract begins. The stage ends when the PPP contract expires or is terminated early.  Read more
Last updated: 24 07 2023