Project of operation and use of entertainment part of “Girstutis” cultural and sport center on March 11 st. 26, Kaunas


Implementation: Project implementation
Executor The Administration of Kaunas City Municipality
Partnership form Concession
Duration 10 years
Value 289 620 EUR
Transmitted activities
Partner selection form Open Procedure
Private partner
Contract signature date 2015 06 18
Private investment
Project manager

The concessionaire has the right to manage and use the entertainment part of “Girstutis” culture and sports center in Kaunas, which belongs to Kaunas City Municipality, to provide public services. He also has a permission to execute commercial activities when organizing and performing various sports, free time and other events.


About the project

Summary PPP Risk Assessment for inclusion in the national financial statement can be found here (286.8 KB ).


Last updated: 24 09 2019