Project of creation of active recreation and tourism infrastructure in the big island of Zarasas lake


Implementation: Project implementation
Executor The Administration of Zarasai District Municipality
Partnership form Concession
Duration Up to 15 years
Value 115 849,01 EUR
Transmitted activities
Partner selection form Open Procedure
Private partner
Contract signature date 2016 08 31
Private investment
Project manager

The residential environment and community infrastructure will be improved, arranged and adapted by complex development of the public and active recreation and tourism infrastructure. The implementation of the project will help realize the long-term-social aims of Zarasai town: balanced development of the district’s economy; increase of the standard of living in the district; improvement of the attractiveness of the district for investments; assimilation of support from various financial mechanisms. Development of the public tourism infrastructure will make the district more attractive, this will add additional value to forming an attractive environment for investment and living. Residents and businesses of the town will feel the direct effect of the project because the environment for investments and living is improved. The territory of the big island of Zarasas lake will become more attractive for the residents of Zarasai, as well as visitors and businesses in planning investments.


About the project

Summary PPP Risk Assessment for inclusion in the national financial statement can be found here (200.6 KB ).


Last updated: 24 09 2019