Public and Private Sector Partnership

PPP Statistics

Statistics on public-private partnership contracts (concessions and authority-pays contracts) is accumulated in accordance with the provisions of Minister of Finance Order No. 1K-489 of 24 December 2009 on the Approval of the Rules for Submission of Information on Progress in Implementation of Public-Private Partnership Projects to the Ministry of Finance.

In total, 42 PPP contracts were implemented in the year 2016: 39 concessions and 3 authority-pays contracts, mainly in the areas of culture, sports, leisure facilities, equipment and other infrastructure, utilization, recycling and management of waste and energy, including heat and electric energy.

5 new PPP contracts (4 concessions and 1 authority-pays) were concluded and came into force in 2016.

In total until 1 January 2017 53 PPP contracts were concluded and EUR 146,3 million were invested, out of which EUR 0,93 million were invested in 2016.

Last updated: 21 05 2018